Sunday , February 23 2020
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Brussels authorizes the purchase of Shazam by Apple

The European Commission (EC) today has given the green light to the acquisition of the Shazam song recognition application by the American technology Apple, considering that the operation will not have an “adverse” effect on competition in the European economic space .

The decision of the EC comes after the institution had conducted an in-depth investigation on the proposed purchase, estimated at 400 million dollars (about 343 million euros).

The EC accepted a request in February from seven countries, including Spain, to review this operation.

Apple operates the Apple Music application, which is the second largest music listening service through the Internet in Europe after Spotify.

For its part, the British Shazam offers a leading service of song recognition around the world.

The Commission indicated that both companies offer mainly complementary services and do not compete with each other.

The research was conducted to determine whether Apple would gain access to sensitive business data about customers or its competitors in the European economic space, and whether that control would allow it to influence users of competing services to switch to Apple Music.

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