Sunday , February 23 2020
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How to choose the best TV 4k UHD

There are fewer (48%) that emphasize the price and technology as the most considered factors to buy a new television. “Although size is an important factor, we have detected a problem of ignorance about the distance needed to watch TV. These beliefs are based on the old television technology, which …

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Shopping guide: The best SLR for beginners

If you are here, it is because you have reached the limits of your old compact camera and want to move to a new level. Or you may want to enter the picture through the big door and start making good pictures. If any of these is your case (and …

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Purchase guide 2018: electric cars, silent and clean

Electric cars are the future of mobility. Have already gone through our shopping guides both hybrid cars and plug-in hybrid cars, so the third logical step in this evolution, pure electric, which does not use any combustion mechanics at any time. The price of an electric car is somewhat lower …

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