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How to choose the best TV 4k UHD

There are fewer (48%) that emphasize the price and technology as the most considered factors to buy a new television. “Although size is an important factor, we have detected a problem of ignorance about the distance needed to watch TV. These beliefs are based on the old television technology, which required much more viewing distance. Today, despite the fact that in most homes the size and distance of viewing the room are enough to be able to have a TV over 75 “, in 70% of homes the size does not exceed 50 inches », Says Nacho Monge, Head of Audio and Video Marketing at Samsung Spain.

And thanks to the 4K UHD image quality, viewing distances have been shortened, allowing users to have much larger screens in the same room. However, the study data reveal that the space available in rooms “is not a problem” for having large-inch televisions. 87% of households could have an 82-inch television, since that is the percentage of homes that are more than 1.6 meters apart between the sofa and the TV.
But beyond the technology and the space in the living room, the design and the cache that gives to have a great television in the living room is a very important aspect. In the purchase of someone who spends more than 2,000 euros, an undoubted “aspirational element” is added. «The premium market grows 70%. After a great economic crisis, where the first thing that removes the consumer are the durable goods, as soon as the thing goes better it picks up immediately. The TV becomes, of course, an aspirational element », explains to Innova + Nacho Monge. It also highlights that large TVs are sold because they provide a different “experience” when viewing content and because the TV is an element that brings together the whole family “and it is easier to do it around a TV of 75″ than of 32 ” ».

Another of the major TV manufacturers, LG, has also done studies on the taste for the big inch. Their results suggest that users prefer to enjoy content on large screens, “above conventional 40 and 49 inches”, and “mostly” at 55 “. In his vision, technology is “undoubtedly” the main responsible for the sizes of televisions is “growing.” “The new advances and innovations have managed to have a screen of larger inches with the same distance from the sofa, possible,” they say.

And is that the sale of TVs of 75 ” and more – although many of us seem giants – grow 100% over last year, and six out of ten of this size are from Samsung. In fact, 40% of the total of televisions that are sold in our country are from the South Korean firm, confirms Monge.
55-inch cabinets

The market has grown by 3% until April, although the number of units sold has dropped. How is it possible? «The market grows but in value, in units it decreases. This means that they are replacing the televisions of the room that were bought 10 years ago by one bigger and of better quality, which causes that the price raises », explains Monge. And although the big inch grows a lot, the star is still the 55″ TV.

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