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Is your wifi going wrong? Keep these objects away from your router

Wi-Fi connection errors are the most common in every home. When that happens we give a thousand laps to the router or try to restart the computer, acts that sometimes are not enough.

Maybe you have not thought about it but it may be that the problems of your connection do not come from the supply, but from some barriers that you have in your own house very close to your router. These are decorative objects or appliances that can create interference in your Wi-Fi connection.

Therefore, there are certain objects that it is better to keep away from your router.
Refrigerators and washing machines

Water is another of the enemies of wifi. The ducts that have this type of appliances, through which water is transported, can act against wireless waves.

The electromagnetic frequency of this household appliance causes interference in the wireless connections. This is because the waves they emit, both the microwave and the router, act in a very close spectrum.
Baby monitors

The wireless signals of this type of devices also collide with those issued by your router. Therefore, you may notice a slowdown in your connection if you have these types of monitors in your home.
Stone walls

This type of wall acts as a real barrier to wifi networks. The thickness of the same hinders the passage of said signals from one room to another.

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