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The new iPhone arrive this Wednesday with the challenge of a saturated market

Apple will present on Wednesday the 2018 iPhone harvest with several new models of its flagship product, with which it hopes to impress consumers despite high prices and a saturated global market.

As usual, the US giant has given few clues about the planned presentation at Cupertino headquarters, Silicon Valley, but as every year speculation does its job: it will launch three iPhone models, including a larger version of the expensive iPhoneX, presented last year, which could be even more expensive.

This model, designed to celebrate the ten years of the smartphone, was full of technological innovations (facial recognition, LED screen, among other things) and sold from $ 999 in the United States. The brand co-founded by the late Steve Jobs also presented two other models, the 8 and the 8 Plus.

Although iPhone sales declined somewhat between April and June, Apple sold 41.3 million devices. The strategy of offering high-end products has allowed Apple to increase 20% of its smartphone billing at the same time, thanks to its high prices.

Despite this strong financial dependence on smartphones, investors still rely on the Apple brand, which surpassed the symbolic threshold of a trillion dollars of market capitalization in early August.

“Apple has nothing to prove, except that it wants to segment the market a bit more,” says analyst Bob O’Donnell of TECHnalysis Research. “It will try to offer a wider range of options,” he continues.

With him coincides Carolina Milanesi, who follows Apple in the signature Creative Strategies. She hopes that Apple will also present a “cheaper” model, which could say a little more about the brand’s strategy.

“It will be interesting to see how they position it: if it is really supposed to be an entry model to the range of products, then it will have to be cheaper” than the others, estimated, and considers a price “around 600 or 700 dollars ”

But what technologies will Apple choose? A less expensive LCD instead of the LED, but with the dual camera lens on the front? It would be a good idea, thinks Mrs. Milanesi.

“That will tell you a little more about what they care about and what they are trying to do, is this about (increasing) their market share? Are they making people more addicted to new technologies so that they use more applications? of augmented reality or other new things that Apple is trying to do? “says Milanesi, who is inclined to believe that the matter is for this last option.

Aware of the saturation of the smartphone market, Apple is working to diversify, including through services (payment, streaming music, video content, augmented reality …): an iPhone with more functions and larger screens are consistent with this strategy.

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